Asset Financing

This is designed in response to our numerous customers’ empowerment policy on working capital credit facility.

Asset Financing Requirements

  1. These are term loans designed to suite the individual peculiarities of the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises who must have properly opened a corporate current account with us.
  2. The account must have been properly operated for at least 30 days before seeking for this facility.
  3. The customer must provide at least 20% Equity Contribution of the loan amount being requested.
  4. Two Third Party Individual Guarantee/Indemnifiers are required and supported by their personal post-dated cheques up-to 150% of loan amount.
  5. Please note that Company’s cheques are not required for individual lending from any guarantor who signed the Guarantee Form.
  6. Unsupported Guarantee Forms are not required. Credit facility request shall be declined if documentation is incomplete.
  7. Stocks of Goods are not required to secure an SME’s facility.
  8. Maximum tenor is 120 to 270 days only or as may be approved by executive management.
  9. Pricing is 4% interest rate per month excluding Management and processing fees.
  10. Corporate/Individual client must provide a cash flow report and statement of financial position to enable us assess the viability of the request.