In line with the microfinance bank policy, the bank shall also engage in the following of services. Monitor effective loan usage among its customers by providing ancillary capacity building in such areas as record-keeping, small business management and other support services.


Provide ancillary banking services to its customers such as remittance of funds safe deposit facilities etc.


Issue guarantee and bond in favor of its customers as the need arises, sell and supply on credit, industrial and agricultural input, livestock, machinery and raw material, to low income persons and to act as agent for any organization for the sale of such goods or livestock.


Invest in the share or equity of corporate bodies, the objectives of which is to provide microfinance services to low income persons.


Provide professional services to the poor persons regarding investment in small business and such cottage industry and income generating projects.


Render managerial, marketing, technical, and administrative advice to customers and assisting them in obtaining services in such fields.


Mobilize and provide financial and technical assistance and training to microfinance enterprises.


Perform non-banking function and promote grassroots development.