Account Packages

Micro Target Savings Product (With Insurance cover)

The product is designed to empower Micro entrepreneur through regular saving habit in other to accumulate Liquidity for Business expansion. It is instructive to `note that many Businesses fail to take off or grow because of unavailability of cash/Capital.

To assist overcome this challenge, Micro Target Savings product is one of our products you need to turn around your business and move from Obscurity to prominence in the business world.


The product has robust features which will enable you have access to financial freedom.

  • Access to Micro credit or Loan at 200% of your Savings.
  • Amount saved shall attract a savings interest rate at 2% PA
  • Duration of 12 months.
  • Life Insurance cover of 100% of the desired amount subject to maximum ofN120,000 pa
  • Simple account opening formalities
  • Flexibility in mode of savings, i.e., Daily savings, weekly or monthly.
  • Minimum amount to open A/c is N 2,500.
  • Instant Alert to acknowledge amount saved
  • Should a Customer choose 6 month duration, he shall be entitled to 150% of savings as Loan facility¬†withoutInsurance cover.