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DDMFB was a product of buy over of a defunct unit MFB incorporated in 2008. In 2014, new owners led by Prince Austin Enajemo-Isire acquired the unit licensed MFB and changed the name to DavoDani Microfinance Bank limited and continued as a unit MFB. After a process of rebirth, turnaround and recapitalization, the bank grew its depleted operating capital of N5.4m due to losses at the time of acquisition, to N100m in 2015.


To uphold high ethical standards, integrity and reliability.

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We first understand our customers’ needs and expectations.

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Save and Win

This is a tenure deposit with minimum tenure of 30 days and maximum tenure of 360 days.

Target Savings

As the name implies, this product is intended to provide entrepreneurs means to achieve a set goal.

Traditional Savings

This product enables the account holder to save for the rainy days depending on individual capacity.


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DDMFB Offerings

DDMFB guarantees you prosperity and financial freedom by helping you do more in your business with its loan offerings and services. We promote and encourage saving culture in line with our business strategy. Our aim is to help you transform your financial life by providing you with an unhindered access to sustainable wealth.

Our Vision

To be an exceptional leader in the provision of microfinance and other financial services on a sustainable basis to assist our clients achieve financial freedom.

Our Mission

An MFB founded on trust, integrity and customer focus, aimed at empowering micro, small and medium entrepreneur through unhindered access to finance.

Core Values

At DDMFB, our core values of integrity, high ethical standards, reliability and excellence distinguishes us as an exceptional player and a leading MFB in Nigeria.

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Our Communication

Our communication strategies are designed to present mutual respect to all. Clients empowerment is at the core of our operations and we treat our customers and colleagues with respect.

DDMFB Testimonials

Customers Testimonials

when I was first approached, I was not sure of their swift response to loan until I requested for a loan and I got the money in the shortest possible time. I am amazed at the swift response. I secured the business I wanted the money. Thank you DDMFB.

Mr. Micheal Stephen

Mr. Micheal Stephen

DDMFB has really helped me in securing businesses, grow my turnover and so increased my profitability. Indeed, with DDMFB, I am prosperous.

Mrs. Adeyileka, Margret Arinola

Mrs. Adeyileka, Margret Arinola

I opened target savings account with DDMFB, by the time the money was completed, the interest I got was encouraging. Also, I requested for a loan to top up my goods and it was disbursed immediately with necessary documents presented. DDMFB is really fast and reliable.

Mrs. Mordi Nkiruka

Mrs. Mordi Nkiruka

8 years of working experience

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Clients empowerment is at the core of our operations and we treat our customers and colleagues with respect.

Poised to deliver synergetic values to all stakeholders and customers.

Understanding our customers need and expectation with the desired product and services.

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