Account Packages

This product is designed to encourage Individual to operate a special savings account targeted to finance a special event, project or ceremony at year end or as the case may be.


  1. Minimum initial opening balance of N1,000
  2. Instant gift item for any account opened with N10,000 and above
  3. There are three categories with minimum duration and deposit balances: GOLD – Minimum of 12 months & deposit of N500.000, SILVER – Minimum of 9 months & deposit of N200.000, BRONZE – Minimum of 6 months & deposit of N50.000.
  4. Customers are to save and maintain required minimum balance stated above within 90 days, 60 days and 30 days respectively from the date of account opened.
  5. No withdrawal will be allowed within the required savings period for each category
  6. Robust interest rate of 5% per annum.
  7. Account balance can be used as collateral for loan
  8. Deposit can be made into the account as frequently as possible