(1) Group Lending.

 The Bank focuses on Group and Individual Lending methodology to guarantee Prosperity and financial freedom for the Bank customers. Marketers are encouraged to concentrate on Group Lending.


  • (a) For Group lending, all Group Members must complete Application Form, listing all the Group Members’ names and signatures, consenting to the Group's Social Security as well as the Joint and Several Liability.
  • (b) A leader and Secretary are appointed among themselves. The Group Leader and Secretary must sign the above application form and must be notarized.
  • (c) Group Members’ Cross Guarantee, among themselves, must be completed by each Group Member.
  • (d) Third Party Personal Guarantee must be provided by each Group Member to ensure timely loan repayment, in the event of default.
  • (c) Stock of Goods in the shop is also used to support this Guarantee via The Bill of Sale Agreement.
  • (d )Each Group Member will accept our Offer Letter for the Loan Facility which will be disbursed directly into his/her personal account.
  • (e)The Group Members must maintain the Group’s Savings Account separate from the members’ own account.
  • (f) Where the Group is large, phased Group Lending shall be applied for the benefits of the entire Group.
  • (g) Group Members must be involved in active/viable economic activities.


The above process in (1) shall apply except it will be based on individual assessment.

  • The customer must complete the Bank’s Loan application form to enable us complete loan’s tracker compliance form.
  • Any amount from N50,000 requires security in form of supported Third Party Guarantee as stated in (1) above.
  • Customer must provide at least 20% Equity Contribution of the loan amount being requested.
  • Customer is responsible for Notary Stamping.

                 (3) Working Capital Loans

This is designed in response to our numerous customers’ empowerment policy on working capital credit facility.


  • (a) These are term loans designed to suite the individual peculiarities of the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises who must have properly opened a corporate current account with us.
  • (b)The account must have been properly operated for at least 30 days before seeking for this facility.
  • (c)The customer must provide at least 20% Equity Contribution of the loan amount being requested.
  • (d) Two Third Party Individual Guarantee/Indemnifiers are required and supported by their personal post-dated cheques up-to 150% of loan amount.
    • (!) Please note that Company’s cheques are not required for individual lending from any guarantor who signed the Guarantee Form.
    •  (!) Unsupported Guarantee Forms are not required.Credit facility request shall be declined if documentation is incomplete.
    • (!) Stocks of Goods are not required to secure an SME’s facility.
  • (e) Maximum tenor is 120 to 270 days only or as may be approved by executive management.
  • (f) Pricing is 4% interest rate per month excluding Management and processing fees.
  • (g) Corporate/Individual client must provide a cash flow report and statement of financial position to enable us assess the viability of the request.

(4) Over Draft Facility.

  • (a) Both Corporate bodies and individual can access our rich O/D facilities.
  • (b) The same credit appraisal will apply as in (2 above).
  • (c) It is a short term assistance of 90 days tenor or as the need arises.
  • (d) The O/D Limit is agreed as per the offer letter. Automatic rollover for valued customers could be pre-agreed.
  • (e) O/D facility is only available for current account customers. Our prime lending rate is applicable

  • (5)Trade Freedom Loan Facility.

This loan facility is designed for technical vocations such as Hair Saloon, Barbing Saloons, mechanics, Bricklaying and mason who want to set up their own shops after trainings.

  • (a) There is a linked Savings Account earlier opened for this purpose with at least 30% Equity Contribution for the loan request.
  • (b) The Bank can provide Shop Rent and the relevant Equipment through direct payment to the landlord or suppliers.
  • (c)Tenor could be 6 months and 5% interest rate at reducing balance.
  • (d) Compulsory regular savings culture

(6)LPO Financing

LPO Financing is designed for valued customers who are either well known to the loan officer or the bank with a valid LPO issued by Credible organisation. The bank customers’ who desire such facility are duly avail after credit appraisal.

  • (a) It is for a short term of not more than 90 days
  • (b) The customer must have good knowledge of the business and connections with the recipient company.
  • (c) It is subject to satisfactory verifications of the Proforma Invoice. The bank deals with only known and well collaborative organizations.
  •  (d) It is subject to Domiciliation of payment.
  • (e) The customer will provide additional security via third party Guarantor fully supported in line with the bank Micro loan lending.
  • (f) Payment will be made directly to the suppliers to the customer to avoid diversion.

Core Values


To uphold high standard of Ethics and integrity, With reliability to all stakeholders. We strive for Excellence at all times.


Sustainable value creations to all stakeholders through New products Offering and unparallel Services Delivery.


We First understand our customers need and expectation With the desired product and services


By our internal Cohesion and Goal Congruence as well as solid relationship with clients and stakeholders, we are Poised to deliver synergetic values to all stakeholders and Nation Building.


Our Communications strategies are designed to present Mutual respect to all. Clients Empowerment is at the core of our operations and we treat our customers and Colleagues with courtesy.