1. Individual Current – Minimum Opening Balance N2,000.
  2. Enterprise – Minimum opening balance of N5,000.
  3. Corporate bodies – Minimum Opening Balance N10,000.


  1. Account qualifies you for loan or overdraft after 30 days of account operations.
  2. You can use our co-branded cheque books to pay your bills/obligations and the Beneficiaries lodge them into their commercial banks for the CBN Cheque Clearing System in line with the cashless system.
  3. Our robust software enables co-branded ATM cards into all Commercial Banks’ ATMs. This is to provide our customers with the required cash flows as at when needed for business transactions. may be negotiable on the basis of account turnover

This product enables the account holder to save for the rainy days depending on individual capacity and plans especially at a most convenient arrangement.


  1. Minimum opening balance of N2,000
  2. No restriction of number of withdrawals
  3. Maintenance of N500 minimum balance
  4. Withdrawal of more than two times a month leads to loss of interest
  5. Account can be used to obtain loan subject to a maximum of N100,000
  6. Attractive interest rate on monthly average balance

Our Esusu Account provides the opportunity to accumulate capital to start own business or to increase existing business capital.


  1. Minimum opening balance of N1000
  2. Minimum daily savings of N500
  3. Withdrawal can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly
  4. Bank will deduct one (1) day contribution in the month as service charge
  5. If withdrawal is not made in a month account balance will receive interest
  6. Savings can be used as collateral for rich micro loans.

As the name implies, this product is intended to provide empowerment to MSME entrepreneur achieve business expansion/set up of a specific project.


  1. Minimum opening amount of N2,000
  2. Savings into the account can be as frequently as possible
  3. Account balance will attract monthly interest payment
  4. Account balance can be used as collateral for loan to meet urgent need      

The product is designed to empower Micro entrepreneur through regular saving habit in other to accumulate Liquidity for Business expansion. It is instructive to `note that many Businesses fail to take off or grow because of unavailability of cash/Capital.

To assist overcome this challenge, Micro Target Savings product is one of our products you need to turn around your business and move from Obscurity to prominence in the business world.


The product has robust features which will enable you have access to financial freedom.

  1. Access to Micro credit or Loan at 200% of your Savings.
  2. Amount saved shall attract a savings interest rate at 2% PA
  3. Duration of 12 months.
  4. Life Insurance cover of 100% of the desired amount subject to maximum ofN120,000 pa
  5. Simple account opening formalities
  6. Flexibility in mode of savings, i.e., Daily savings, weekly or monthly.
  7. Minimum amount to open A/c is N 2,500.
  8. Instant Alert to acknowledge amount saved
  9. Should a Customer choose 6 month duration, he shall be entitled to 150% of savings as Loan facility withoutInsurance cover.

This account is designed to encourage potential entrepreneur to accumulate set up

Capital for a new venture or expansion.


  1. Opening balance N1,000
  2. Save a minimum amount of #1000 frequently but at your convenient interval and be used as collateral for micro Loan.
  3. Loan drawn down is allowed provided the account has been in operation for 6months and above, subject to maximum loan of N500,000 or as stipulated by the regulatory guidelines.
  4. Interest rate of 1% above normal saving interest rate provided there is no withdrawal within 6 months and above.

This product is designed to encourage Individual, Associations and Group

to operate a special account as the name connotes targeted to finance a

Special event, project or Special ceremony at year end or as the case may be.


  1. Minimum initial opening balance of N2,000
  2. Deposit can be made into the account as frequently as possible
  3. Use of cheque book
  4. Payment of cheques into the account
  5. Access to loan to facility

This Product is designed to encourage apprentices and other form of

Trainee to save towards Freedom or graduation. Accumulated amount can be used to buy Tools of trade such as Tailoring Machine, hair dresser dryer, etc. It is linked to our Trade Freedom Loan facility.


  1. Minimum initial Account Opening amount of N500.00
  2. Deposit can be made into the accounts on frequent basis
  3. use of cheque book or Passbook.
  4. Access to loan facility to finance assets or Shop Rent Advance
  5. COT Concession
  6. Account balance can be used as collateral to secure any loan facility.

This product is meant for parents who want to save towards the  immediate payment of their children school fees.


  1. A minimum opening balance of N2,500
  2. Minimum daily/weekly/monthly contribution of N1,000
  3. Withdrawal to be made at the beginning of each term
  4. Insurance cover up to one year school fees in the event of the death of the parents to be paid direct to the school subject to a maximum of N100,000 or as may be agreed with the customer
  5. Deposit can be made into accounts as frequently as possible
  6. Availability/use ofcheque book
  7. Access to loan facility to finance assets
  8. COT Concession allowed
  9. Ease of deposit and withdrawal

This is a Finance Product specially designed for high network individual and corporate bodies for the purpose generating good returns. Such fund can also be used to participate in nation building through cash collateral of a related party or low income people to assist to own or grow their        businesses by using the deposits in microfinance bank, whilst still enjoy competitive interest rates on such deposits.


  1. Minimum deposit of N1million (one million Naira only)
  2. High and competitive interest rate.
  3. It can be used as collateral for loans

Available to individuals and Small Scale Enterprises to purchase equipment needed without funding the purchased equipment directly.

  1. The customer identifies the desired equipment (Electronics, household utensils, Commercial Buses, Car Engines, Hair Saloons, EPL Viewing Centres, etc ).
  2. The customer must provide at least 30% Equity Contribution of the equipment being requested, excluding management and processing fees.
  3. Lending rate is subject to the type of equipment and associated risks
  4. The bank purchases on its own name directly from the supplier and customer take possession.
  5. Ownership is reversed after full repayment of the loan facility.
  6. The leased asset may be comprehensively insured in the bank’s name until full repayment is obtained.
  7. Additional security may be required subject to the nature of the micro lease.
  8. Account can be opened either as savings or current account.
  9. Minimum opening balance of N20,00.00
  10. Repayment can be stretched up to 12 months duration.
  11. Customer will have access to the account if no longer needed to buy the item.